A Guide On How To Throw The Best Wedding Cocktail Party!

While a lot of us would want to invite everyone we know in the world and hold a massive wedding celebration to let everyone know we are finally getting hitched, some people would rather prefer to have a small cocktail party and celebrate their wedding or their marriage in peace as they would rather want to save the extra money on themselves and their future. So if the latter part describes you and your future spouse, then you can simply hold a simple but fun cocktail party in the place of a huge wedding process and still celebrate your marriage with your special loved ones. Now, planning a wedding cocktail party is also nothing easy and requires a lot of details going in to it. You can include some important traditions in to your cocktail party to make sure you are not missing out on it, but it would skip the harsh amounts of money that comes along with a wedding.

Venue and Decor

If you prefer to have your wedding cocktail party at your home, you can surely create the perfect environment for it with a cocktail bar hire, amazing food and the right kind of decoration too. If you do not want it to happen at your house, you can instead opt to have it in an interesting place like a huge park; a historic house; a special hotel; the beach or just a neighborhood restaurant that you and your loved ones would enjoy!

Food and drinks

Wherever you hold the party, you must make sure that the proper kind of food and drink is available to your wedding party guests! You can arrange for a mobile cocktail bar to be there at your event, along with a custom made wedding cake so you would not be missing out on the important parts of a normal wedding. You must make sure to treat your party guests to a proper full meal ranging from starters to the deserts along with suitable drinks as well. It is what your guests would be expecting of you after all.

Dress codes

You can mention a dress code on the party invitations you would have sent out prior to the party, however the dress codes do not have to be anything extreme. It can be fully traditional and formal if that is what you would like, but as it is a party you might want to keep it slightly casual as well. This would enable your guests to party through the night and still be comfortable!