How To Eat Spaghetti Without Making A Too Large A Mess

Eating spaghetti when in a 5 star hotel or somewhere fancy can be quite a hard thing to when you are used to just eating it at home. You can try out your at-home techniques when at the fancy place and you can never be too sure about which customs are present. Sometimes you get the numerous different types of forks and spoons and then you end up confused as to what to use for which purpose. So for those who cannot afford to are without time for etiquette classes, here are some of the basic tips for eating the noodles at a fancy place without ending up a public spectacle. Be sure to know the rules of eating if you are at a different country.

Using the fork

You need to practice to be able to use the fork without making too much noise on the plate. When you are trying to twirl the noodles make sure not to touch the end of the form onto the plate or the scraping sounds will come. So you have to be careful to separate several strands of the spaghetti and then use the form lightly on top of the separated strands to get them onto the fork. In many an Italian restaurant you will get multiple forks for the noodles and then for other main courses. Depending on the type of noodle or pasta dish you are getting, the method of eating it will be different

Using the spoon as a twirling aid

Technically it’s considered ok to use the spoon to twirl the noodles around the spoon, or use it as the base to hold the fork without making too much noise as you are spinning the noodles on the fork. But in some parts of the home of spaghetti it is considered bad manners to use the spoon to help you get the noodles around the fork. This custom is different from northern parts of Italy and southern parts. But usually many hotels (and any Italian food Bangkok) provide the spoon so if it is so then you can go ahead and use it.

Do not cut the spaghetti noodles. Spaghetti noodles are not considered thick enough to warrant using the knife on them. You can do so when you are a friend’s or a family member’s house but not anywhere fancy. Use the knife only for cutting the meatball into small pieces. Sometimes you can use the fork itself to cleave into the meatball without having to go through the trouble of grabbing the knife as well.