Venturing Into World Of Tiramisu For New Years

If you want to impress your family and your significant other this New Year, then tiramisu will be one dessert to make them see you in a new light. Tiramisu is notorious for getting right and many people who are not professionally involved in the culinary world have trouble getting the combinations right. If you want to make some kind of Italian restaurant then there are numerous recipes online with different comments on getting it right. This recipe will give you the details on making sure that the consistency of the tiramisu stays correct.

Ingredients for the recipe (for a set lunch or menu for people)

  • 2 packages (serves around 9-10 people with 2×2 inch pieces) of soft ladyfingers
  • Three quarters cups of coffee-flavoured liqueur or coffee syrup (you can go for kahlua)
  • Three quarter cup of water
  • 1 tub of ready-to-eat cheesecake filling or your own homemade recipe
  • I pound of mascarpone cheese

Making the great delectable dessert seen in many an Italian restaurant

Separate each of the ladyfingers and arrange one of the packages nicely on the bottom of a 8-10 inch square baking dish. Make sure that the dish you choose is the one you want to serve the best pizza on the table as you cannot transfer the tiramisu after it’s done.

In a small bowl mix the water and the liqueur and brush the ladyfingers with this mixture until it’s a bit soaked (not too much or it’ll become really squishy). Stir in the cheesecake into the bowl with the ladyfingers until you can spread it around. Sprinkle some of the bittersweet chocolate powder or some chips between the layers as you are adding them. Repeat another layer of ladyfingers, some of the liqueur and then again the cheesecake. Repeat this until you get three or four layers.

Garnish the top with unsweetened cocoa powder and refrigerate for around 2 hours or a bit more. If you want to go a bit more you can add some stuff you like in between the layers like some of your favourite nuts. You can add some chocolate swirls or caramel swirls to make the tiramisu appealing to the eye.

As a fun fact, the meaning of the dessert ‘tiramisu’ (or the wording) is ‘cheer me up’ or ‘lift me up’, which is a great way to celebrate the coming year. Tiramisu is a great dessert for post-meal times when you are going around with the eggnog and chatting. You can also add a bit of festive decorations to the top as you can decorate it anyway you want it.